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  • Client can avoid an in-house Engineering Department
  • Relief from stress, related to the progress, challenges and completion of the    construction project
  • Effective mitigation of the project related risks through adoption of formal project    management methods
  • Monitoring of market fluctuations and early intimations about the same.
  • Regular, timely and accurate updates from the work site regarding the progress of    the project.
  • Ability to focus on making quick and wise decisions on the project.
  • Freedom from day-to-day operational control and approvals related to the work through effective delegation.
  • Timely and proper handling of all agreements through proper channels
  • Effective coordination with Drawings and Design
  • Efficient handling of contractors and worker’s relationship and coordination.
  • The strict control of the work at site by the project management team.
  • Freedom from worry regarding delays in work.
  • A single point of interface and responsibility for all aspects of the Project from the client's perspective.
  • End-to-end project management from inception to commissioning.
  • Effective and timely escalation of any changes, needs etc. to make wise decisions
  • Effective coordination, monitoring and updates to client with proper actions taken throughout the project
  • Immediate availability of accurate, timely, detailed information regarding cost, quality, time and resources
  • All the benefits of the effective and efficient project management and control at a very affordable cost.


Stake Holders of a Project

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    provide funds and approve the design.



    provide architectural design and drawings for constructiont


    Structural Consultant

    provide structural design and drawings for construction in consensus with
    -Architectural Drawings.

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    MEP Consultants

    provide electrical, plumbing & HVAC design and drawings for construction in
    -consensus with Architectural Drawings.


    Interior Consultant

    provides interior design and drawings for construction in consensus with
    -Architectural Drawings.


    Landscape Architect

    provide landscape design and drawings for construction in consensus with
    -Architectural Drawings.

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    delivery of services and materials on agreed cost

Are these people sufficient for smooth running of the project?


1. Who will receive the drawings and documents prepared by consultants and have proper document control and issue the same to client?

2. Who will see to it that all relevant design & drawings required for construction have been received from the concerned Architects & Consultants?
3. Who will ensure that Client approves the Design and Drawings received from Architect and Consultants or proceed with modifications by interacting with them?
4. Who will conduct meetings and set agenda, to resolve issues and record minutes of the meeting and circulate among all stakeholders?

5. Who will give the correct estimate of the project to the client with all material &labour break ups?

6. Who will help the client to appoint the required consultants and contractors?
7. Who will make the tender documents to facilitate the contractors to quote in a common platform?
8. Who will make sure the eligibility and track record of the contractor before inviting them to quote?

9. Who will make sure that the scope of work depicted in the tender documents are all inclusive and there will be no further claim from the contractor?

10. Who will make sure that the quote from the contractor is realistic and is matching with the estimate, if not negotiate with them to bring their quote to the estimate?
11. Who will recommend the contractor to be chosen considering all aspects?
12. Who will decide whether there should be any owner issue materials for the contractor?

13. Who will make the contractor’s work order and agreement and make them legally binding?

14. Who will ensure that contractor agreement contains the approved schedule and material list?
15. Who will ensure that the contractor is using the approved materials as specified in agreement during construction?
16. Who will ensure that the materials are mixed in agreed specifications?

17. Who will ensure that proper curing is done at site for all cement works?

18. Who will ensure that the work is proceeding as per the approved drawings?
19. Who will ensure that quality is maintained in proper workmanship and procedure on a daily basis?
20. Who will take up the issues regarding designs, local issues etc at site and close them?

21. Who will take up the issues of dispute and try to close it in favour of Owner?

22. Who will ensure that work is going as per approved schedule?
23. Who will interact with the contractor to settle their issues and disputes?
24. Who will see to it that all legal compliances are met properly?

25. Who will ensure constant interactions with all consultants and contractors on behalf of client?

26. Who will ensure that no overpayment is done to consultants and contractors?
27. Who will ensure that the building is safe and strong with respect to all criteria incl site and soil conditions?
28. Who will check and approve the bills and claims of the contractor and give payment recommendation to the client?

29. Who will see to it that there are no chances of accidents at site?

30. Who will represent and indemnify the Client in all situations?
31. Who will ensure that client remains peaceful and advises him to make wise decisions for the smooth completion of project?

Answer is PROJECT MANAGER!!!!!!

He is the person who holds the Accountability of completing the project in time, within the budget with approved quality. He provides a single interface to the Owner.

- He acts as Owners Manager, Engineer and Advisor.



Expertise to tell you, How much will it cost to build



Our Periodic Quality Audits of works at site and reports, will assure you that your project is moving forward as per the plan and quality norms.



Assists you to select most reliable, competent contractors at competitive rates, through item rate mode of tendering